Tyranny of Dragons

A little Behind...

I have gotten behind in these posts, so here is a brief recap of what has gone on (in no particular order):

  • The Seekers were attacked by the cult right in Phandalin, destroying the work that has been done to rebuild the manor.
  • Drew got his father’s bow back from his old flame.
  • John became Iron Man
  • Lia now has Hazirawn in her possession.
  • Rolan received an extraordinary gift from Taern Hornblade to use against the cult, a Staff of Power.
  • King Melendrach tried, unsuccessfully, to discredit the Seekers with rumors connecting them to the cult.
  • The Seekers teleported to the well of dragons and snuck inside.
  • They found the temple of Tiamat and destroyed the wizards performing the ritual to bring Tiamat back to the world.
  • Tiamat appeared, weakened, and she was sent back to hell by the Seekers.


I am enjoying your story. Glad to see someone getting to play through a storyline.

A little Behind...

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