Serana Shieldheart

Phandalin's only "Lady of the Evening"


Serana Shieldheart is a female human fighter specializing in use of the Longbow, as well as a very experienced lady escort..


As soon as Serana hit puberty, her proclivities were apparent. She began to wear makeup and dress provocatively to attract the attention of any boy who would notice, even her elven step-father…who was not pleased with her behavior, ultimately leading to a rift between the two. By the time she was 17 she was ready to enter the escort trade on her own in Neverwinter. She felt that with the warrior training she received from her step-father that she could keep herself safe. She was right.

However, after some time the job wore thin. As much as she loved it, she was worn out by the daily ins and outs. Her opportunity to try something new came when 2 of her customers who had just finished with her services, Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter, mentioned problems with Goblins during another kind of escort of supplies going south to Phandalin. She immediately left for Phandalin, thus her adventuring career began.

Serana’s career as an adventurer was short-lived. She lent her skills with great success in dealing with the Goblins of Cragmaw castle and clearing Wave Echo Cave of danger. However, her desires lay elsewhere. She chose to leave Our Heroes in order to try and re-establish the village of Thundertree, as well as try to satisfy her desires as Phadalin’s only current “lady of the evening”.

Lately she has been seen in the presence of Sildar Hallwinter quite frequently, spawning rumors of a relationship. Though with her reputation, it is likely just “business”.

Serana is a half-sister to Lia Shieldheart, currently one of Our Heroes.

Serana Shieldheart

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