Tyranny of Dragons

Xonthal's Tower

After the attack in Loudwater, The Seekers head for Xonthal’s Tower on their shiny new Hippogriffs. In the early evening of the second day they arrive in the village that lies in the shadow of Xonthal’s Tower, which also bears the same name. Xonthal’s Tower is a tiny, sparse village where The Seekers must procure stabling for their mounts with a farmer, rather than proper livery.

A brief investigation in the village reveals that it isn’t uncommon for adventurers to seek the tower, and they are warned of the dangers of the maze, form which many do not return. They also hear an unsubstantiated rumor that a blue dragon has been seen around the tower.

As Rolan was anxious to try out his new spell, Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion, they spend the night before tackling the maze in the morning.

The Maze

It is apparent that Xonthal did not want anyone around his tower. From the ground, it appears to be a well-trimmed garden maze. From above the truth is revealed: and overgrown mess of hedges that haven’t seen care in a century. The tower fades from view and there is an invisible barrier to prevent approach form the air. The maze is both the only path and a major obstacle.

Before entering the maze, they hear a voice calling out to them from high up on the tower. A human male stand upon the balcony waving something over his head and screams: “Heroes, they saw you in the village! I’ve taken the mask, but they’ll realize it’s missing within minutes! Look for me beneath the tower, for it’s the only place I have a chance to hide. This is the key that will let you teleport into the dungeon.” As he speaks, he holds up a second item–some sort to white, glimmering hourglass. "I will leave it behind after I use it, but others may find it before you do.

The speaker looks over his shoulder as another figure approaches. A flash of steel and spell-fire erupts and the figure who spoke pitches his assailant over the railing before running back inside.

The maze is actually a rather impressive magical construct of dimensional space. The main feature of which is a junction of garden paths with a sundial in the center, that serves as a puzzle. After fighting carnivorous flowers for pearls, Chuuls for a garnet, a gorgon for a diamond, animated armor for a bloodstone and testing their strength against a cyclops for a topaz, the path to the tower is revealed, as well as the exit to the village. Also revealed is a teleportation circle next to the tower and the body of a cult member which The Seekers saw pitched off of the balcony by who appeared to be Iskander.


Journal of Rolan
We woke up and we were going to head out but, wouldn’t you know it, another dragon attack. These dragons must be stopped. The odd thing that happened though, was that while the dragons were busy attacking, their riders decided to take on us. It was a mistake on their part. While the cultist were busy with John, we had extra dimensional beings attacking myself and Lia. I sometimes forget how much power she has. One touch from her hand and one of the them were banished back from whatever hell it came from. I had 2 of these beings on me. They were able to cast some simple spells, but I was in no true danger, with my power and Drew unleashing his prowess with his bow. They merely delayed the inevitable.
As the last of the dragon riders were defeated by John, his mask was taken off and we found out that it was none other than his father. He is also the one that killed my sweet Leann. It took everything in me not to send him to the ninth level of hell were he belonged. Instead, we gift wrapped him for the Harpers, who could find out some useful information. Though honestly, I’m sure I could have come up with some creative ways to make him tell me every deep down dark secret he knew.
After he fell, the dragons took off and the Loudwater was in shambles. We did what we could for the town, but the longer we delayed, the chance of the dragon returning increased. We were given Hippogriffs by Lady Moonfire. These were amazing animals and gifts that I’m not sure we deserved.
We flew toward Xonthal’s tower, the feeling of riding the beast fell a little short of riding on the back of a silver dragon, with it shear power, but I very much enjoy it. It took only a few days to get to Xonthal, a small town outside the the tower. The town was very quint, and had seen its share of adventurers come through. I learn a new spell in my research in the some of the work of Mordenkainen. This spell allowed me to create an extra-dimensional mansion for me and my friends to sleep. No more Leomond’s tiny hut, we would sleep well in beds. Best of all, I get to to see Leann again. While I know in my mind she is gone, her memory with stay with me always.
We learned that the tower is surrounded by a maze, and I know within the reading I have done, there will be magic within and we need to stay on our guard. We decided to try to fly over the maze and this confirmed what I already knew. The maze appeared to be overgrown and not well kept. Though the was an area where we could land just outside the tower so we flew that way. Lucky for us, Drew hit the invisible barrier before the rest of could. He easily stayed on his hippogriff when I’m sure I would have fallen. We circled back and stabled the hippogriffs and entered the now well groomed maze.
The first thing we come across is a curious sundial with three paths. We went down one and we ran into the same sundial. I place a copper down on the path we entered just to see if we were circling. We went down another path which had some curious flowers I had never seen before and a well directly in the center. We carefully walked past the flowers and examined the well. Against my better judgement, I took a drink, only to find out that the water tasted fine. We walked through the corridor and Drew shot an arrow at the flowers. They immediately began to attack.
We dispatched of the flowers pretty easily and found a pearl in each. We continued down the path and wouldn’t you know what we ran into again. The sundial. This time more paths were opened and John examined it again and noticed something curious. There were 3 shadows on it. We followed the one we hadn’t gone down and we came across a man that appeared to be a monk, surround by a small moat with a bridge we had to cross. He offered us tea, and curious as I am, I went and sat down along with Drew and Lia. John finally crossed the bridge when the walls closed in on us and a monster of a man with a large maul appeared and attack while the room filled with poison. Being quick witted, I casted Passwall and we exited the poison and took the battle outside where we took care of the beast, taking the maul. There we found another gem and carried on.
We return again to the sundial. John decided to stand on the sundial and vanished. We followed and found a large pool. There we saw a gem floating over the pool. I casted levitate and started over the pool. Lobster like creatures came bursting forth. The fight ensued and Lia was taken under the water. Before I could give John my necklace of adaption, he jumped into the pool. Drew being himself asked how long we should wait before we carried on. I laughed and jumped into the murky water. Seeing John doing what he could trying to save Lia, and not sure it would be enough, I disintegrated the fowl beast. Then, I grabbed Lia and John and levitated everyone to the surface, but not before I noticed some items on the bottom of the pool. I grabbed the item feeling the magical power within them.
We then ventured to a area where cyclops were frozen in time until we came closer. One wondered up and challenged us to a boulder throw contest. I was able to defeat him due to the belt I was wearing. His rock broke and there we found another gem. There has to be something with these gems.
Again, we left the area and returned to the sundial. This time, there were eight shadows and we just started picking different paths. We came across a construct of a bull, we didn’t have to destroy it, we were able to get the diamond from within his mouth and leave the area. We ran from the area and back to the sundial.
The last path that we took lead us into a room with some plate mailed constructs which we dispatched and found more gems. There was a carpet in the middle of the room, which worried me. Turned out to be nothing out of the ordinary.
After a few moments, it occurred to me to try and walk into the bushes. Finally, the maze revealed its true path. We ventured toward the tower and discovered the body of a dragon cultists and a teleportation circle. This was the work of the traitor I had no doubt, but we couldn’t continue. We were exhausted and had to sleep.

Xonthal's Tower

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