Tyranny of Dragons

The Misty Forest

Following the lead they received from Delaan WInterhound of the Emerald Enclave, the Seekers of the Stranger hired a coach from Waterdeep to Daggerford, then on to the Misty Forest. The spent the night resting in Daggerford before moving on with a fresh start in the morning.

As they are entering the forest, the are confronted by a group band of orcs who seemed to be trying to rob them. Rolan returned there greeting with a fireball in the face. The orcs fought viciously but ultimately met their fate fertilizing the vegetation.

Immediately after the battle, what appeared to be a half-dragon stepped out from behind a tree and offered to take Lia in single combat while his cohorts handle the rest of them. Rolan counter-offered with a wall of fireto the face, effectively dividing the battlefield.

One of the cultists got Drew’s attention by firing a lightning bolt from a bow…a very unique bow easily recognizable as his father’s bow, stolen some time ago. A moment of recognition passed between Drew and the bow, and the masked cultist and Drew before with a flourish of her cape, the cultist disappeared in a puff of smoke. The SotS, of course, dispatched the cultist fanatics without too much difficulty.

They didn’t have to tarry too long in Altand before uncovering the story there. There was a green dragon attack that devastated the village. Though the accounts as told by the villagers were conflicting, several told of a rider on the dragon.

The attack abruptly stopped after the dragon rider had a conversation with Galin, the warden of Altand who subsequently began acting as the leader of the village after the death of the priest in the attack. An interrogation of Galin revealed that he had made a deal with the dragon rider to spare Altand in exchange for information about other villages that would be targeted. Their interrogation also lead them to what would be the lair of the green dragon involved in the attacks.

The investigation of the lair was pretty straightforward: They walked in the front door and Drew announced who they were and why they were there. The resulting melee ultimately drew out every cult member including the dragon rider who turned out to be the green wyrmspeaker, as well as Chuth, the green dragon. In the end, the lair was cleaned out of all the cultists and the dragon was killed. Unfortunately, no information was able to be extracted from the wyrmspeaker…as he was killed needlessly.

However, in the search of the lair they did find his personal journal. It turns out he was an elf named Neronvain, the estranged son of King Melandrach.



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