Tyranny of Dragons

The Crypt of Diderius

This week’s epic story begins in the library, where Our Heroes have encountered the manifestation of a ghost. Ser John, in his fear hatred of the undead, attacks her immediately. They then return to the previous antechamber for a brief rest before moving on to the throne room.

Of coarse moving on to the throne room was not that simple
as they failed to pay the proper respect and give the holy gesture of Mystril as they entered thus triggering mummies hidden behind tapestries to attack.

The throne room reveals a throne that resembles a cloud concealing a golden sun. Seated on the throne is a 12’ tall, regal, well-muscled humanoid male with a flowing white beard and purple toga. At his feet, a pile of treasure, apparently a tribute paid before moving on. Our Heroes wisely follow suit and pay as well, moving on to the dining hall.

In the dining hall, we see a strange sight indeed: At a table is 5…humanoid-looking creatures with purple skin and spiky tentacles where beards should be. Bearded devils. The pay Our Heroes little mind, and even inform them that to the south is a treasure room, and through the door to the north lies the room with the divination well. Our Heroes chose to investigate the divination well.

This large chamber that houses the divination well is strewn with strange, stone arrows, and a corpse lie on the floor. Rolan recognized that the strange symbol on the arrows is of the yuan-ti god Merrshaulk. An investigation by Drew reveals that the corpse on the floor appears to be that of a dragon cultist, and that he was killed not by arrows but by a dragontooth dagger.

Rolan investigated the dry divination pool that way dry. Really, really dry. He pours a little water into it and watches the water spread through the well and glow with a black light, the sight of which turns Rolan into a gibbering idiot for a short time before the effects wear off. The divination well being a mystery that they cannot crack, they move on to the next room, the tomb of Diderius.

This vaulted chamber contains but one thing: the large, elaborate sarcophagus on a stepped stone dais. A deep voice issues from the sarcophagus: “You approach Diderius in repose. I know what you seek. Yuan-ti have taken the one called Varram beyond their portal in the northern wall. Be prepared, for I shall open the way to peril.” With that, a secret door is revealed. Our Heroes, anxious as they may be to find Varram, are even more anxious about leaving a treasure room un-looted. So, they turn back and go to the treasure room beyond the dining hall, and the devils.

One their way through the dining hall, the devils let them pass once again. They enter the treasure room which appears to have been a well appointed bed chamber at one time. There are valuable books on the shelves and a chest filled with silk robes, a ring of poison resistance, and 2 scrolls of protection from energy. There is also a silver ewer and 4 goblets on a table that is filled with a yellowish vapor that when poured and drank like a liquid, grants advantage on saving throws against poison and resistance to poison damage for 3 hours. This can be used once per seven days. Our Heroes sleep in this room under the protection of Leomund’s secure shelter.

The next day as they attempt to pass back through the dining hall to explore the area beyond Diderius’ tomb, the devils do not let them pass. Our Heroes, in their fear, pay off the devils with 100 gp of gems each and go on their merry way.

As they pass through the tomb of Diderius again, Rolan is hit with a nigh overwhelming urge to commit suicide via mummy lord. Thankfully, the stranger guided them through and Our Heroes moved on into the lair of the Yuan-ti where they encountered all manner of snakey ickyness including two suits of armor animated into attacking by filling full of snakes that had poured out of the walls.

In the Yuan-ti temple is where they found Varram whose life is hanging by a thread, a victim of the torture and sick rituals of the Yuan-ti. Our Heroes bargained for Varram, agreeing to leave the Yuan-ti and not harm any more of them. They decide to rest again before teleporting to Waterdeep, during which Drew, in a fit of cowardice, viciously attacked the nearly dead dwarf and finished him off.



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