Tyranny of Dragons

Second Council of Waterdeep

The second council of Waterdeep will begin with a debriefing on the events in the north in Arauthator’s lair, and the fate of Varram. It will end with the Harpers, the Order of the Gauntlet, Ambassador Brawnanvil of Mithril Hall and Taern Hornblade of Silverymoon, all agreeing that they will not be willing to commit resources to the cause at this time, in part due to their lack of faith in the Seekers of the Stranger.

Delaan Winterhound provides a lead to investigate in Altand, an elf village in the Misty Forest that survived a recent dragon attack. The SotS are also appointed as neutral representatives of the council in a council of dragons to the north. The metallic dragons’ envoy, a silver dragon named Otaaryliakkarnos in the guise of a human woman named Elia, allowed them a once in a lifetime opportunity and flew them to the council.

The two main events of the council that defined the encounter were the apparent antipathy the council’s leader Protanther has for elves, and the copper dragon Tazmikella’s recognition of Rolan’s staff as an item from her personal hoard that was stolen from her.

Protanther demanded that an apology come from King Melandrach for the dracorage mythal

The SotS agreed to the brass dragon Ileuthra’s demand that the dragon masks all be returned to the metallic dragons should they be recovered by them.

The return of Rolan’s staff of fire to Tazmikella, along with an apology, gained her support as well.

Despite the apparent tension between the dragons and the party, they were in the end successful in garnering they dragons’ support.

With the council complete, Elia offers to fly the SotS back to Waterdeep. Drew and John were conscientious objectors and used the teleportation circle to teleport back.



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