Tyranny of Dragons

Deep inside Oyaviggaton

A Meeting with Old White Death

Descending into the lair, Our Heroes must traverse a steep, 60’ stair of ice. They used ropes and pitons to mitigate the slipperiness. In the icy lair they have encountered many kobolds, which isn’t really all that surprising. They also encountered something they haven’t seen, Trolls specially adapted to the freezing north. Our Heroes dispatched their foes without difficulty.

Also in the lair, they the person for whom they were looking, Maccath the Crimson. She was a prisoner here. Arauthator used magic contained in texts stolen from the Arcane Brotherhood to keep her undetectable and keep track of her movements, so that she could study the magical texts for him. She agreed that if all of the materials that the dragon stole could come along she would help them and leave Oyaviggaton, and so she gave them information about the dragon as well as a few items she had made: a ring of cold resistance, and two arrows of dragon slaying.

Our Heroes, determined to slay the beast and armed with new weapons that will help them against him, descend 60’ down into the freezing cavern below. It is much colder down here than above and a cold mist rolls through the cavern. It didn’t take long for Our Heroes to walk right toward where Old White Death lay, and with a deafening roar the beast shook the entire ice cavern, dropping chunks of ice atop them.

However, Our Heroes got the drop on the beast and unleashed a flurry of devastation that nearly killed him before he could even react. Defeated and humiliated, Arauthator slithered into his secret escape tunnel and out to the freezing sea.

When Our Heroes ascend and exit the icy lair, they are greeted with cheers and gifts from the Uluik. They had seen Arauthator escape injured and can now disappear into the frozen expanse of the north. The chief told Our Heroes, “Though our paths are unlikely to cross again, if they do you will always have a friend in the Uluik!”

With that, Our Heroes did not delay in leaving the frozen wasteland to return to a warmer and more hospitable climate to the south.

They returned Maccath to Luskan, and moved on to Waterdeep without incident. While in Waterdeep Our Heroes visited loved ones and replenished provisions. John used some of his new found wealth to purchase better armor.

They then returned to Phandalin to check on the progress of their investments. They saw that the rebuilding of Tresendar manor has begun, and that a new Apothecary has already moved into town, a mysterious tiefling woman named Despair who has everyone on edge. Once she arrive, Grista the dwarf whom owned the Sleeping Giant disappeared, and Despair has moved into the building.

Their doesn’t yet seem to be any sign of the blacksmith whom Our Heroes hired to train the Phandalin blacksmith. Though, it has only been a couple of weeks.

Rolan and Drew went to check on their investments by going to the town hall and speaking with Harbin Wester who is tasked with managing them. All seems on track, though Sildar has apparently gotten himself caught up with Serana, a former companion of Our Heroes. He has been using her services, but has become smitten with her and thus jealousy consumes him.

Our Heroes, satisfied with what they found in Phandalin and getting a brief rest, use the secret teleportation circle to return to Waterdeep so that they can travel south to investigate the lead they got from Leosin Erlanthor concerning Varram the White, the white wyrmspeaker whom had the white dragon mask disappear from him.

Magic Items in Oyaviggaton:

Maccath -

  • Ring of Cold Resistance – Platinum ring fashioned to look like it is made from ice, with a clear blue stone “frozen” in it
  • 2 Arrows of Dragon Slaying (page 152 DMG) – used on Arauthator

Scriptorium Scrolls -

  • Gaseous Form
  • Haste
  • Protection from Energy
  • Water Breathing
  • Evard’s Black Tentacles
  • Fire Shield
  • Wall of Fire
  • Hold Monster
  • Chain Lightening
  • Disintegrate

Arauthator’s Lair -

  • Immovable Rod
  • Necklace of Adaptation (page 182 DMG)
  • Chime of Opening (page 158 DMG)
  • 1 jar of Keoghtom’s Ointment, 4 doses (page 179 DMG)
  • Potion of Growth (potions page 187 DMG)
  • Potion of Mind Reading (potions page 187 DMG)
  • Potion of Heroism (potions page 187 DMG)



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