Tyranny of Dragons

3rd Council of Waterdeep

The group teleports back to Waterdeep, only to find tragedy. When Rolan goes home he finds what appears to be his wife, dismembered with her limbs arranged is such a way that along with her head, presents the image of the 5 headed dragon, Tiamat. On the wall, in blood, is scrawled a message: “THE DRAGON QUEEN WILL RISE!”

In his rage and grief, Rolan burns his house to the ground.

However, The Seekers have a higher duty, and the council awaits. Before the formal meeting, The Seekers use the journal they have found to blackmail King Melandrach into an apology to the dragons for the dracorage mythal. One hopes that the King swallows his pride and lets this matter die rather than retaliate in some way.

The 3rd council yielded another lead. A letter has been delivered to Taern Hornblade, addressed to the “Champions of the Council of Waterdeep”:


You do not know me, but we can help each other immeasurably. My name is Iskander, and I made a terrible mistake in joining the Cult of the Dragon. The cult’s horrifying plans are sure to bring doom to all, but I can stop those plans with your help. Rescue me from the cult’s clutches, and I will deliver you the prize of prizes: the Blue Dragon Mask. Without it, Severin faces an insurmountable setback in his effort to call Tiamat back to our world. The mask is here in Xonthal’s Tower, being studied and guarded by only a handful of wizards, including myself.

The danger of my treason becoming known grows with every passing day, and if I’m discovered, I’ll surely be killed. Please hurry, for the sake of everyone and everything you value.

Kythorn 19, 1489DR"

Hornblade personally expressed his support of the party and apologized for his previous lack of fatih.
He teleports them to Loudwater and gets them some hippogriffs to help them get to Xonthal’s Tower, then leaves

The cult attacks The Seekers the 2nd time, in broad daylight and in public. Their leader was the head of the Templar order and John’s father, who in a bombshell also confessed to killing Rolan’s wife. Accompanying them was a black dragon, who wreaked havoc on the townspeople, killing as many as two dozen, and injuring at least as many. Of course, The Seekers spend time aiding the injured and helping the townspeople deal with the dead.

The town master, Lady Moonfire, expressed her realization of the extent of the threat from the cult and offered The Seekers to keep the Hippogriffs, to aid them in their quests.



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